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What Makes PUR Special?

Unlike other brands in the industry, PUR sources their speciosa directly from farms in Indonesia, where conditions are ideal for the cultivation of the healthiest trees. Their products also go through rigorous tests at third-party laboratories to ensure the highest quality and safety standards, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best possible speciosa supplements today.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the things real customers are saying about PUR:

“This helps my joint aches more than any NSAIDS you can throw at me. Can’t wait to try a few more strains!”

Kristen K.


“This product has changed my life!! It supports my fatigue in a way that I know is natural and healthy for my body. It’s the perfect balance between energy and mood support.”

Michael S.


“This has the great effect of raising my mood without a big kick of energy, very easy-going; relaxing but doesn’t put you to sleep.”

Stuart D.


Red Vein Speciosa

It is considered the most relaxing of all strains. Red speciosa has unique properties that may help to reduce stress levels, support improved ache management, promote overall feelings of relaxation, and induce a strong sense of mood boost.

White Vein Speciosa

White vein varieties of speciosa are known as the most stimulating. This strain is excellent for energy, improved mental clarity, and increased levels of concentration for better performance.

Green Vein Speciosa

Known as a stimulant for energy- green strains are great when used as pre-workout or before any physical activity! This strain is also great for focus and increased levels of concentration for better performance.

These are just the most popular strains of speciosa, though there are more varieties, such as yellow and gold. To learn more about the different types of speciosa, take a look at this catalog of supplements from PUR, one of the most popular retailers of speciosa today.